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Northrock XC29 Review: A Comprehensive Look at Specs, Pros, and Cons

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Mountain biking is an exhilarating sport that is rapidly gaining popularity around the world. With the right bike (Northrock XC29), you can explore some of the most stunning landscapes, conquer challenging terrains, and get an incredible adrenaline rush. If you’re looking for a reliable and affordable mountain bike that can handle rough trails, the Northrock XC29 might be just what you need.

In this article, I’ll provide a detailed review of the Northrock XC29, including its specs, pros, and cons. We’ll discuss what makes this bike special, who it’s best suited for, and how it stacks up against similar-priced models. When you finish reading this article, you’ll have all the information you need to decide whether the Northrock XC29 is the best bike for you.


The Northrock XC29 is a hardtail mountain bike designed for intermediate riders who want a bike that can handle a range of terrains. It features a sturdy aluminum frame, a reliable Shimano drivetrain, and responsive hydraulic disc brakes With its 29-inch wheels and suspension fork. This bike can easily tackle rocky trails and smooth roads.

One of the unique features of the Northrock XC29 is its affordability. Despite specs rivaling more expensive models, this bike comes at a fraction of the cost. It’s a fantastic choice for riders who need a durable bike but don’t want to spend a fortune. It’s a fantastic choice for riders.


Before we dive into the details of the Northrock XC29, let’s take a look at its key specs:

  • Frame: Aluminum
  • Fork: SR Suntour XCT suspension fork, 100mm travel
  • Drivetrain: Shimano Tourney 21-speed
  • Brakes: Tektro hydraulic disc brakes
  • Wheels: 29-inch double-wall alloy rims
  • Tires: Kenda Kadre 29×2.1″
  • Weight: 31 lbs (approx.)
  • Available sizes: S, M, L
  • Headset: sealed integrated threadless
  • Crank: Shimano FC-TY501, 42/34/24T
  • Bottom bracket: sealed cartridge
  • Rear derailleur: Shimano Altus M310
  • Shifter: Shimano Altus EF-500 rapid-fire (21 speeds)
  • Cogset: Shimano (14-34T)
  • Chain: KMC-Z50

Frame and Build

The Northrock XC29 has a lightweight aluminum frame that’s durable and strong. It’s designed to handle rough terrains and provide a smooth ride. The frame has a sloping top tube, which makes it easier to dismount and provides a more comfortable riding position.

Northrock XC29

The bike features internal cable routing, which gives it a cleaner and sleeker look. The cables are protected from dirt and debris, which helps to prolong their lifespan. The frame also has mounting points for a water bottle cage, a useful feature for longer rides.


The Northrock XC29 is equipped with a Shimano Tourney 21-speed drivetrain, which provides a wide range of gears for tackling steep inclines and flat roads. The gears shift smoothly and quickly, essential when navigating tricky terrains. The bike has a triple chainring in the front and a seven-speed cassette in the back, giving it 21 speeds.

The bike also has a Shimano EZ-Fire trigger shifter, making switching between gears easy. The shifter is on the handlebar, allowing quick and easy access while riding.


The Northrock XC29 has a suspension fork that helps to absorb shock and provide a smooth ride. The fork has 100mm of travel, enough to handle most terrains. The fork is made by SR Suntour, a reputable brand that produces high-quality suspension systems. The fork has a preload adjuster, which allows you to customize the suspension to your preferred level of firmness or softness.

One downside of the suspension fork is that it doesn’t have a lockout feature. This means that you’ll feel some suspension movement when riding on smooth roads or flat terrain, which can be inefficient. However, this is a common tradeoff with budget mountain bikes, and the suspension fork is still a valuable feature when navigating rougher trails.


The Northrock XC29 is equipped with Tektro hydraulic disc brakes, which provide reliable stopping power even in wet or muddy conditions. Hydraulic brakes have more consistent and precise braking than mechanical brakes, which use cables to activate the brakes. This is a great feature to have when you’re descending steep hills or navigating technical trails.

Brakes of Northrock XC29

The brake levers are also adjustable, which allows you to customize the reach to fit your hand size and riding preferences. This is a helpful feature for riders who have smaller or larger hands.

Wheels and Tires

The Northrock XC29 has 29-inch double-wall alloy rims, which provide a sturdy and durable base for the bike. The rims are wide enough to accommodate wider tires, which can increase traction and stability on rougher terrains.

The bike comes with Kenda Kadre 29×2.1″ tires, which are designed for a range of terrains. The tires have a low-profile tread, making them suitable for smooth roads and rocky trails. The tires also have a reflective strip on the sidewall, which can increase visibility in low-light conditions.

Pros and Cons

Like any bike, the Northrock XC29 has its pros and cons. Let’s take a closer look:

Affordable price pointLimited tire clearance
Sturdy aluminum frameLack of suspension lockout
Reliable Shimano Tourney drivetrainSome users may find the seat uncomfortable
Responsive Tektro hydraulic disc brakes29″ wheels may not be suitable for shorter riders
Suspension fork for tackling rough terrainsSlightly heavier than some other hardtail bikes

Who is it For?

The Northrock XC29 is an excellent choice for intermediate riders who want a reliable and affordable bike that can handle a range of terrains. It’s suitable for riders who want to explore rocky trails, navigate technical sections, and tackle steep inclines.

A bike is a great option for riders who want to start mountain biking but don’t want to spend money on an expensive bike immediately. Riders on a budget who still want a bike with outstanding specs and amenities have many options with this model.

Comparison to Competitors

Let’s take a quick look at how the Northrock XC29 compares to some of its competitors:

Diamondback Hook: The Diamondback Hook is a similar hardtail mountain bike with a similar price point. It has a slightly better drivetrain with a Shimano Acera 8-speed derailleur, but it has mechanical disc brakes instead of hydraulic brakes. It also has a slightly heavier frame at 32 lbs.

Raleigh Tekoa: The Raleigh Tekoa is another hardtail mountain bike in a similar price range. It has a similar Shimano Tourney drivetrain and Tektro hydraulic disc brakes. However, it has a slightly lighter frame at 30 lbs and a more comfortable saddle.

Giant ATX 27.5: The Giant ATX 27.5 is a hardtail mountain bike with a smaller wheel size and a slightly higher price point. It has a similar Shimano Tourney drivetrain and Tektro hydraulic disc brakes. It also has a suspension fork with a lockout feature, a big advantage if riding on smoother terrain.


The Northrock XC29 is a solid choice for intermediate riders seeking a reliable, affordable hardtail mountain bike. It has a sturdy aluminum frame, a reliable Shimano Tourney drivetrain, responsive Tektro hydraulic disc brakes, and a suspension fork for tackling rough terrains.

While the bike has some limitations, like the lack of a suspension lockout and limited tire clearance, it’s still a great value for its price point. If you’re looking for a bike that can handle a range of terrains without breaking the bank, the Northrock XC29 is definitely worth considering.

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What is the weight limit for the Northrock XC29?

The weight limit for the bike is 300 lbs.

The weight limit for the bike is 300 lbs?

Yes, the fork can be upgraded to a higher-quality suspension fork with a lockout feature.

Are the brake levers adjustable?

Yes, the brake levers are adjustable to fit different hand sizes and riding preferences.

Can wider tires be installed on the Northrock XC29?

The bike has limited tire clearance, so it may be unable to accommodate wider tires.

Is the bike easy to assemble?

The bike comes partially assembled, and some assembly is required. However, it’s relatively easy to assemble if you have some basic mechanical skills and tools.

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