Velowave Electric Bike Review: Conquering Trails and Commutes with Power and Style

Velowave Electric Bike Review: Conquering Trails and Commutes with Power and Style

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Velowave has carved its niche in the e-bike market with its bold designs and powerful performance. But how do their bikes hold up in real-world scenarios? We took a deep dive into the Velowave experience, focusing on their two popular models: the Ranger and the Prado S.

First Impressions | Velowave Electric Bike

Both bikes exude a sense of adventure with their sleek, modern frames and chunky fat tires. The Ranger, a mountain e-bike, boasts a rugged, camouflage-inspired paint job, while the Prado S, a commuter e-bike, comes in a variety of sleek, urban-friendly colors. Both models feel well-built and sturdy, with quality materials and components.


The Ranger packs a punch with its 750W motor, propelling you up hills and across rough terrain with ease. The Shimano 7-speed drivetrain provides smooth gear changes, and the hydraulic disc brakes offer confident stopping power. The fat tires provide excellent traction and grip, making it a true off-road beast. The Prado S, with its 500W motor, is more suited for paved roads and commutes. It still offers impressive pedal assist and a comfortable, smooth ride, making it a joy to cruise around town.

Range and Battery

Both bikes come equipped with 48V batteries that offer a decent range. The Ranger boasts up to 45 miles, while the Prado S claims up to 35 miles. These numbers can vary depending on factors like terrain, weight, and assist level. However, in our tests, both bikes lived up to their advertised range, providing ample power for most commutes and adventures.


Velowave bikes come packed with features that enhance the riding experience. The Ranger boasts a full-suspension system for maximum comfort on rough terrain, while the Prado S features a comfortable step-through frame and a rear rack for carrying cargo. Both bikes have bright LED headlights and LCD displays that show essential information like speed, battery level, and assist level.

User Experience

Overall, both the Ranger and the Prado S offer a fun and engaging ride. The Ranger is perfect for those who crave adventure and want to explore off-road trails. The Prado S makes commuting a breeze and is a great option for running errands or cruising around town. Both bikes are comfortable to ride, even for longer distances, and the pedal assist makes tackling hills effortless.


  • Powerful motors for effortless riding
  • Comfortable and ergonomic design
  • Excellent traction and grip with fat tires (Ranger)
  • Convenient features like LCD display, LED lights, and rear rack
  • Good value for money


  • Heavy weight, especially the Ranger
  • Limited color options (Ranger)
  • No fenders included
  • Customer service could be improved


Velowave electric bikes are a solid choice for riders looking for power, performance, and style. They offer excellent value for money and are perfect for both casual and adventurous riders. However, if you’re looking for a lightweight bike or one with exceptional customer service, you might want to consider other options.

Additional Notes

  • It’s important to consider your individual needs and riding style when choosing an e-bike.
  • Be sure to research local regulations regarding e-bike use before purchasing.
  • Always wear a helmet and other safety gear when riding an e-bike.


Velowave electric bikes offer a compelling combination of power, performance, and style at a competitive price point. Whether you’re an adrenaline-seeking adventurer or a practical commuter, Velowave has a bike that can meet your needs. While there are minor shortcomings in terms of weight, color options, and customer service, the overall riding experience and value proposition make Velowave a strong contender in the e-bike market. So, if you’re looking for a bike that can conquer both trails and commutes, give Velowave a serious consideration.

FAQs Velowave Electric Bikes:

What is the top speed of Velowave bikes? 

The top speed is limited to 20 mph (32 km/h) in accordance with most regulations. However, the actual achievable speed depends on factors like motor power, terrain, and pedal assist level.

How long does it take to charge the battery? 

The charging time depends on the battery capacity and charger used. Typically, a full charge takes around 4-6 hours.

Do Velowave bikes require any maintenance? 

Regular maintenance is crucial for any bike, including checking tire pressure, brakes, and chain lubrication. Velowave recommends consulting their user manual for specific maintenance guidelines.

Can I ride a Velowave bike in the rain? 

Both the Ranger and Prado S have water-resistant components, but they are not fully waterproof. It’s best to avoid riding in heavy rain or submerging the bike in water.

Do I need a driver’s license to ride a Velowave bike? 

The regulations regarding e-bike licensing vary by location. It’s important to check your local laws before riding.

Where can I purchase a Velowave bike? 

Velowave bikes can be purchased online through their website or at authorized dealers.

What is Velowave’s warranty policy? 

Velowave offers a one-year warranty on the frame and motor, and a six-month warranty on other components.

Can I test ride a Velowave bike before purchasing? 

Not all Velowave dealers offer test rides, but it’s worth checking with your local dealer to see if they do.

What are the financing options available for Velowave bikes? Velowave may offer financing options through partnered lenders. Be sure to check their website or contact them directly for more information.

What are the environmental benefits of riding an electric bike? 

E-bikes produce zero emissions, making them a more sustainable form of transportation compared to gas-powered vehicles. Additionally, they can encourage people to cycle more often, leading to improved physical health and reduced traffic congestion.

We hope this review has helped you learn more about Velowave electric bikes. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!

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