Best Motorbikes for Tall Guys

7 Best Motorbikes for Tall Guys

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Generally, considering the increasing traffic and growing population, motorbikes are easy-to-commute machines compared to cars or public transport. Indeed, there are added benefits of owning a four-wheeled counterpart or going through public transport. Still, the advantages of a motorbike will always have the upper hand over its competitor, except for the safety concerns. No matter what added measures are taken, car or public transport is safer than the motorbike, but it does not mean that the passionate riders leave it. Proper gear must be used before riding a motorbike to ensure a safe journey. The necessary gear includes a good quality helmet, knee guard, and back protector. A passionate motorbike rider or a professional owning a higher torque-producing motorbike must use body protector armour or every possible safety measure since nothing is more valuable than life.

Although motorbikes have several benefits over cars or public transport, it doesn’t provide housing capacity for all riders. Most motorbikes don’t provide perfect ergonomics for a person with a height of 6-inch or above. The manufacturers are focused on building an impactful frame design that houses a little more than the engine with the least weight, expense, and perfect frame dimensions for the average height. Understandably, height is loved almost everywhere, but when it comes to riding a motorbike, the options are limited to the rider. A 6-inch or more heightened rider will have to explore; otherwise, an imperfect frame can cause cramps and can put stress on the wrist and back. What can be worse than back pain for a daily commuter!? Therefore, this blog is perfect for you if you are a heightened individual who has to cover longer distances. 

Several modern motorbikes with advanced systems are introduced in the market that matches the requirement of tall people; for instance, an upright seating position, adjustable heightened seats, and spacious ergonomics. A total of seven motorbikes are mentioned below; specifications, features, reviews, and more are added for each bike to make it easy to choose the proper motorbike and to make your next commute as comfortable as possible. The blog also covers aspects that should be considered when choosing the bike, like the enduro model, the superbike, cruiser, etc.

Before getting to the seven types, some additional factors must be considered when making a purchase. It will ensure the rider is not buying it for the sake of the height but is also satisfied with the key features. The following aspects are:

  • Bike Type: Allotting a specific bike type to tall riders is universally wrong; however, certain aspects should be considered when looking for a specific type. For instance, off-road and touring bikes have an advanced fork which provides comfortable suspension and a smooth long-distance riding experience. On the other hand, dual-sports and adventure bikes provide the perfect frame size for tall riders, making them an excellent option for anyone above 6-inch or 6inch. The sports module has an elevated seating position for better performance, making it further suitable for tall riders.
  • Seat Height: Other matrices could be considered, but the seat height gives a perfect idea in a glimpse of the bike’s ergonomics. The newer bike model comes with adjustable seat height, allowing tall riders to ride comfortably for longer distances. Moreover, many vendors provide upgraded seats for specific bike models for increased efficiency and better ergonomics. Therefore, comfort outweighs other matrices of a motorbike for tall riders and should be considered a priority when purchasing.
  • Rider’s Triangle: Refers to the triangular positioning of the rider with seat post, handlebars, and footrest parameters. The triangle size varies from bike to bike and from rider to rider. For instance, a cruiser bike has high handlebars with the footrest placed a bit more forward than the regular bikes, making the triangle upright. The cruiser bike’s position ensures minimum stress on the back and neck, giving a smooth and comfortable riding experience. In contrast, sports bikes have a downward-ridden triangular position. It is because the bike demands continuous input from the rider, and therefore, the handlebar is set below the regular bikes, and the footrest is rear-oriented. Riding a sports bike is quite demanding and puts pressure on the back and neck; sports bikes have the least ergonomics.
  • Suspension: As we have seen before, seat height is a significant factor for tall riders. It is important to note that seat height is dependent on the suspension. The higher the front fork, rear shock, or the higher the suspension, the heightened the seat post. Usually, the higher suspension gets compressed with the rider’s height, referred to as the bike’s laden seat height. The suspensions are adjustable; now, they can be further modified as per the requirement, like lengthening the suspension, etc. Off-road bikes tend to have the tallest suspensions as they drive through rugged terrain while maintaining the rider’s weight. Moreover, since it has the tallest suspension, it has a heightened seat post, making it perfect for tall riders.

Following are seven types of bikes perfectly suitable for the tall rider; each category mentions the specifications, features, frame details, and more, so let’s get riding!

7 Best Motorbikes for Tall Guys

Suzuki DR-Z400S

Best Motorbikes for Tall Guys

The latest 2023 launched bike, the DR-Z400S, is a popular sports module used by the Australian armed forces, offering optimal performance at a phenomenal price. The bike is quite versatile; perfect for both racing and touring. It is a Japanese-made 398cc displacement bike with a top speed of 94mph or 151kmph. It should be noted that the bike tends to produce vibration at higher speeds, which is quite common for bikes of this category. The availability of parts in the market and easy upgrading along with the supermoto kits, crash protection, and auxiliary lights are added benefits of this bike. The bike costs around $6,500.

Below are the further specifications and features of the Suzuki DR-Z400S:

  • It has an electric starting feature
  • Compact and liquid-cooled single engine
  • Off-road cable suspension, which is fully adjustable.
  • It comes with 21-inch and 181-inch aluminum rims.
  • It has 36mm intake valves and 29mm exhaust valves that produce tractable power and torque.
  • The seat Height is 36.8-inches.
  • The fuel system consists of a single carburettor with a compression ratio of 11.3:1
  • The transmission system consists of a 5-speed mesh.
  • The overall height of the bike is 48.4-Inches
  • The headlight is 12V/55W, whereas the taillight is 12V/5W.
  • It comes with a 12-month limited warranty
  • Lastly, it has original accessories like a low-profile seat which can be adjusted per the rider’s height, cargo rack, handguard set, etc.

Honda XR650L

Best Motorbikes for Tall Guys

The Honda XR650L began in 1993, and there have been no changes until 2022. The Honda has updated the wheel rims by making them black and significantly decreasing weight. The “Bold New Graphics” has substantially increased horsepower. Interestingly, the tool bag and fork gaiters are also black, resulting in much better suspension. Unfortunately, the XR650L is unavailable in many countries due to emission laws or requirements of features like ABS. However, it is available in the USA for around $7,000. It is 11kgs lighter than the DR650 and 55kgs lighter than the new KLR650.

It should be noted that the 8kgs of the KLR’s weight is because of the bigger fuel capacity. It has more ground clearance, and the shorter wheelbase makes it more nimble in the dirt. The 18-inch rear wheel allows a much wider choice of tyres, especially “knobbies”. Like other bikes, it has a five-speed gearbox but the ratios are wider, providing more flexibility in dirt and highway riding. The seat is very comfortable, similar to the KLR650, and significantly better than the concrete block used on DR650. The XR650L is tall and won’t suit short riders unless the seat and suspension are modified. The curb weight is 346 LBS, and the power produced is 43.6HP and 38.2FT-LBS.

Below are the further specifications and features of the Honda XR650L:

  • It has an electric starter feature
  • It has an 18-inch rear wheel and 21-inch front wheel, giving it a boosted overall performance and protection at flats or other riding conditions.
  • It has a sealed battery which is perfectly safe and maintenance-free even if there is a fall or trip.
  • The seat height is 37-inches, perfect for tall riders.
  • The fuel capacity is 2.2 gallons with a reserve of 0.6 gallons.
  • During laboratory testing, the bike gives an average mileage of 52 miles per gallon.
  • Comes in white color with a one-year warranty.
  • The trail is 4-inches, and the caster angle is 27 degrees.

Yamaha Tenere 700

Best Motorbikes for Tall Guys

The Yamaha Tenere 700 arrived on Philippine shores in the first quarter of 2021 and has been a huge hit ever since. The 689cc liquid-cooled dual overhead cam cross-plane parallel-twin engine punches out 73HP at 9000rpm and 68Nm of torque at 6500rpm. Hydraulic dual discs provide the stopping power up front and a single disc at the rear. It has Brembo callipers and ABS, which can be switched off when going off-road. The telescopic fork up front has 210mm of travel and a swing arm at the rear with 200mm of travel. The wheel size is 21-inch and 18-inch for the front and rear, respectively. It has spoke wheels that come with Pirelli Scorpion Rally STR. The standard seat height is 880mm, perfect for tall riders and not suitable for someone 5’6”. The seat size can be adjusted three-way; adjusting the front fork, using a different seat that is lower than the original, and installing the lowering link. All three ways can help reduce the seat height by 2-3inches. Add crash guards to protect the engine, and the body panel is recommended. The bike costs around $10,000.

Below are the further specifications and features of the Yamaha Tenere 700:

  • The curb weight of the bike is 204kgs.
  • The fuel tank capacity is 16L, and the mileage is 25 kmpl.
  • It has an electric starter feature
  • Six-speed gearbox; wet multiple clutch with eight valves.
  • The caster angle is 27 degrees, and the wheelbase is 62.8inches.
  • The maximum ground clearance is 9.4-inches.
  • It is a fuel-injected engine with a compression ratio of 11.5:1.
  • The seat height is 34.4”.


Best Motorbikes for Tall Guys

The newest electronics and wp apex blur suspension complement the lightweight chassis, aggressive design, and reliable 690 LC4 engine. On this lightweight, high-performance king of versatility, conquer more difficult terrain. The power assistant clutch guarantees that the rider has less input to operate it when braking forcefully or decelerating into corners. The slipper clutch eliminates rear wheel lock-up during strong downshifting, reducing destabilizing rear wheel chatter on the asphalt. The smooth six-speed gearbox with quick-shifter plus enables clutchless up and downshifts. It not only gives the rider better control of the motorbike by allowing them to have a firm hold on the handlebars but also enhances rear wheel traction. The KTM 690 ENDURO R features a ride-by-wire technology that uses electronic sensors to interpret throttle twist grip motions and triggers the throttle valves to manage throttle action. It increases reaction, offering the rider better throttle control and a smoother ride on the powerful single cylinder. The exhaust system is built with stainless steel of the highest grade. To aid with a small profile, it is routed to the bike as feasible, and the exhaust form has been tuned for harsh off-road use because the airbox is positioned beneath the seat, accessing the air filter during a ride. It costs $12,000.

Below are the further specifications and features of the KTM 690 ENDURO R:

  • It has an electric starter feature
  • The frame is built with high-quality chrome molybdenum steel, tubing in various thicknesses. The frame design has high torsional stiffness for excellent handling and rideability.
  • Forged triple clamps with a 24mm offset adjustable to 22mm offer a stronghold on the forks, allowing for accurate handling.
  • The handlebars can be adjusted in four distinct positions for better ergonomics.
  • The damping can be adjusted using the dials on the suspension fork tubes; each has 30 clicks of adjustment.
  • The seat height is 910mm; easy access without losing ground clearance. The seat material is designed for off-road use and is slightly textured for optimal wet and dry grip.
  • The ABS functions only in the front wheel. The rider has the option to turn off the ABS entirely.

Husqvarna 701 Supermoto

Best Motorbikes for Tall Guys

Since its release around 2015 or 2016, the 701 Supermoto has held the crown for the top-tier supermoto bike in the streets. It is powered by a liquid-cooled single-cylinder engine, putting out 74HP at 8000rpm. The bike weighs around 320 pounds and has a torque rating of 54-foot pounds. The bike also features an electronics fuel-injection system, meaning there is no mechanical linkage to the throttle grip. The 701 also has a lightweight six-speed gearbox with an easy shift function that, in conjunction with the slipper clutch, allows you to seamlessly shift up and down without actually using the clutch. There are two different sensors; one on the shift lever rod, and the other sensor detects the gear engagement and matches the engine parameters for changing gears at any rpm. The frame on the 701 was actually precision engineered from the ground up. Underneath the rear, a self-supported subframe fits a 13 liter or roughly 3.4 gallons tank. It is right below the rider, giving the perfect weight distribution. There is wp apex hardware for the suspension in both the front and rear. The upfront gives 215mm of wheel travel, and the rear gives 250mm. The suspension is adjustable in both areas. The bike has an approximate cost of $12000.

Below are the further specifications and features of the Husqvarna 701 Supermoto:

  • It has an electric starter feature.
  • 17-inch black anodized tubeless spoke wheels wrapped in continental ContiAttack supermoto tires. The front is 120/70, and the rear is 160/60.
  • The front brake disc diameter is 320mm, and the rear brake disc diameter is 240mm.
  • The seat height is 890mm.
  • The ground clearance is 238mm.
  • It has a four-valve cylinder engine featuring 42mm intake and 34mm exhaust valves.
  • It has traction control in the rear wheels, which reacts immediately if the speed of the rear wheel is disproportionate.

Ducati Hypermotard 950 SP

Best Motorbikes for Tall Guys

It has a powerful engine, long travel suspension, and daft white handlebars. It is an absolute riot to ride. The biggest thing they have changed on the Hypermotard is the fully electronic specification package on the meter. It has sophisticated ABS traction control, wheelie control, and a quick dynamic shifter so the gears can be shifted without the clutch. It has a 35-inch seat height, making it perfect for tall riders. The curb weight of the bike is 436 pounds, and the power generated is 114HP. The bike costs around $17000.

Below are the further specifications and features of the Ducati Hypermotard 950 SP:

  • It has an electric starter feature.
  • The fuel-injection system with a ride-by-wire system.
  • It has a four-valve, desmodromic cylinder with a compression ratio of 13.3:1.
  • The exhaust has a catalytic converter and under-tail aluminium muffler.
  • The front and rear wheels have three Y-shaped spokes. Pirelli Diablo Rosso III tyres are used for optimal grip and performance.
  • The wheelbase is 58.8 inches, and the rake angle is 25 degrees.
  • Fuel Capacity is 14.5L or 3.8 gallons.
  • The display is TFT which provides top-notch instrumentation.

Ducati Diavel

Best Motorbikes for Tall Guys

It is a cruiser in the loosest possible sense. The Ducati Diavel is an EU 4 compliant 1262CC L twin which delivers 159HP at 9500rpm. It generates 95-foot pounds of torque at 7500rpm. The fuel tank has a 17L capacity. The overall weight of the bike that has been quoted is 233kgs. The bike is 760mm from the ground and 1600mm in total length. The rake and trail have been slightly reduced; 27 degrees of rake angle and 120mm of the trail. From front to back, it has m50 rather than m432 callipers. It has Ohlins fully adjustable forks and shocks. It also has neat, detailed touches, machine-finished wheels and seats. There is a quick shifter feature, daytime running light, and a multimedia system in the Ducati Diavel Sportsbike. It has eight-level traction control and a six-axis IMU. It controls a host of rider aid and plays parts like self-cancelling indicators, cornering lights, and other similar sophisticated stuff. This bike has three rider modes: sports, touring, and urban. Each mode is fully adjustable and is quite simple to navigate in and around the systems. Sports mode is full power, touring mode is a medium power, and urban mode is low power. The S version of the bike is approximately $20000. The seat height is 29.7-inches. The bike’s ergonomics make it perfect for tall riders since it has a perfect foot-placement area and handlebar distance, a perfect rider’s triangle.

Since we are done reviewing the best seven motorbikes for tall riders, it is time for you to give a test ride before making a choice. Happy Touring!

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