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Northrock XC27 Detailed Review – Is This Mountain Bike Reliable?

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The largest bike manufacturer, GIANT, sells to major brands like Trek, Colnago, Costco, etc. The Northrock XC27 mountain bike is made explicitly for Costco and in China. In this blog, I will review one of the most anticipated mountain bikes, the Northrock XC27, discussing its specifications and features, should but or why, a general review, and pros and cons, so let’s get started…

My Experience with the Northrock XC27

When I first laid my eyes on the Northrock XC27, its sleek and sturdy design immediately caught my attention. As I started riding it, I could feel the exceptional build quality and attention to detail. Whether I was tackling rough trails or cruising on smoother terrains, the XC27 proved to be a reliable companion, providing a smooth and comfortable ride throughout.

Northrock XC27


There are many mountain bikes in the market, each with unique and versatile key-feature and specifications. Just like any other MTB, the Northrock XC27 bring its uniqueness with the following key features:

Northrock XC27

Features of the Northrock XC27

Frame and Design

The Northrock XC27 boasts a robust and lightweight aluminum frame that enhances its durability while maintaining agility. Its ergonomic design ensures optimal comfort, allowing for extended rides without experiencing fatigue. The bike’s attractive aesthetics make it a head-turner on the trails.

Suspension System

Equipped with a front suspension fork, the XC27 excels in absorbing shocks and bumps, ensuring a smooth and controlled ride even on uneven terrains. The suspension system enhances stability and improves overall handling, making it suitable for both beginner and intermediate riders.

Northrock XC27

Gearing and Shifters

The XC27 features a reliable and precise 27-speed Shimano drivetrain, offering a wide range of gear options to tackle various terrains. The smooth-shifting provided by the Shimano shifters allows for effortless gear changes, enabling riders to adapt quickly to different riding conditions.

Braking System

Safety is paramount when it comes to biking, and the Northrock XC27 doesn’t disappoint in this regard. Equipped with powerful disc brakes, this bike delivers exceptional stopping power, even in wet or muddy conditions. The reliable braking system instills confidence, allowing riders to maintain control during descents and navigate challenging trails with ease.

Northrock XC27

Specification of Northrock XC27

Frame MaterialAluminum
Frame SizeAvailable in various sizes
ForkFront suspension fork
Suspension Travel100mm
Wheel Size27.5 inches
TiresKnobby off-road tires
Gearing27-speed Shimano drivetrain
ShiftersShimano rapid-fire shifters
Front DerailleurShimano front derailleur
Rear DerailleurShimano rear derailleur
CranksetTriple chainring crankset
CassetteShimano cassette
BrakesMechanical disc brakes
Brake Rotor Size160mm
HandlebarsRiser handlebars
StemAlloy stem
SeatComfortable mountain bike seat
PedalsFlat platform pedals
WeightVaries depending on frame size and components
ColorsAvailable in select color options
Recommended UseTrail riding, recreational biking, off-road adventures
WarrantyManufacturer’s warranty against manufacturing defects


Northrock XC27

The Northrock XC27 mountain bike runs around the 3 to 350 range. The tires have cushioning, which is a bit noisy on the road but provides excellent maneuvering on dirt trails and steeps. The bike comes fully assembled except for some parts, which can be easily installed with the tools that come along as mentioned above in the specifications, “The Northrock XC27 have assembly tools included”. The front fork is adjustable; they have clicked on the front that can be turned to make the suspension firm or squishier. It has a wider gear ratio and broader range. The pedals are made of steel and have double reflectors. There is no guard to keep the chain from falling off if the chain losses the chainset. The bike is approximate $350 to $400, depending on the market. The bikes miss the handlebar angle bars; however, they can be added as the manufacturer provides space. The bike comes with a fact sheet that mentions the key features and other important information related to the Northrock XC27 mountain bike.

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Like every other MTB in the market, the Northrock XC27 have its advantages and weaknesses. These strengths and drawbacks can help the cyclist decide if the mountain bike is suitable for use or not. Beginning with the advantages that are listed below:

Northrock XC27


  • Having a high built-in quality result in low maintenance. The mountain bike is assembled and equipped with components from reputed companies, making it durable and enduring.
  •  Excellent build quality and durability.
  • Comfortable and ergonomic design.
  • Efficient suspension system for smooth rides.
  • Wide range of gears for versatile performance.
  • Reliable and powerful disc brakes.
  • Attractive aesthetics.
  • The aluminum frame provides a lightweight cyclist experience, increasing the average speed.
  • The robust spokes provide a smooth cycling experience. Moreover, it can bear the weight of the cyclist and the rough terrain conditions.
  • The front suspension or the front fork is well-versed in providing a smooth experience on rough and rocky terrain. The suspension is adjustable; therefore, it can be changed per the user’s requirement with just a few rotations.
  • It has a comfortable saddle, and the seat post is adjustable. 
  • Most importantly, the bike comes with all the necessary tools that can be used for the assembly of the cycle. The assembling procedure is explained in the last section of this blog.


The drawbacks of Northrock XC27 are listed below:

  • The minimum height of the cyclist that the frame can support is 5 feet and 7 inches. The bike size chart is mentioned at the end of the drawbacks. Please note that the bike size chart is a reference point, and the actual size can be confirmed only after physically riding the Northrock XC27.
  • It doesn’t have chain protection in case the chain falls off the chainset. It can result in the chain getting damaged.
  •  Slightly heavier compared to some other mountain bikes.
  • Limited color options are available.
  • May require professional assembly and tuning for optimal performance.

Is the Northrock XC27 Budget-Friendly?

While the Northrock XC27 is not the most affordable mountain bike on the market, it offers exceptional value for its price range. Considering its robust build quality, reliable components, and overall performance, the XC27 provides excellent bang for your buck. It’s an investment that will last and deliver countless thrilling rides.


Frame Size17.5 Inches
Standover Height30.50 Inches
Effective Top Tube21.3 Inches
Seat Tube Length16.92 Inches
Head Tube Length5.02 Inches
Chain Stay Length17.32 Inches
Reach16.18 Inches
Wheel Size27.5 x 2.2 Inches
Rider Height Guide5’ 7” to 6’ 1”

Who Shouldn’t Buy the Northrock XC27?

The Northrock XC27 is a versatile mountain bike suitable for a wide range of riders. However, if you’re a professional cyclist or someone looking for an ultra-lightweight racing bike, this may not be the ideal choice. The XC27 is designed for recreational and moderate trail riding, making it perfect for beginners and enthusiasts seeking a reliable and capable mountain bike.

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Having extensively ridden the Northrock XC27 and evaluated its performance, I can confidently recommend it to all biking enthusiasts. With its exceptional build quality, comfortable design, efficient suspension system, and reliable components, the XC27 delivers a memorable riding experience. Whether you’re conquering rugged trails or enjoying leisurely rides, this bike is a dependable companion that won’t disappoint.

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Is the Northrock XC27 suitable for beginners?

Yes, the Northrock XC27 is an excellent choice for beginners. Its comfortable design, efficient suspension system, and user-friendly features make it easy for novice riders to enjoy their biking experience.

Can the Northrock XC27 handle rough terrains?

Absolutely! The XC27 is built to tackle rough terrains with its sturdy frame, capable suspension system, and reliable components. It provides a smooth and controlled ride, even on challenging trails.

Does the Northrock XC27 require professional assembly?

While it’s recommended to have the bike professionally assembled and tuned for optimal performance, experienced cyclists with the necessary knowledge and tools can assemble it themselves.

Can the Northrock XC27 accommodate riders of different heights?

Yes, the XC27 comes in different frame sizes to accommodate riders of varying heights. It’s crucial to choose the appropriate frame size to ensure a comfortable and ergonomic riding position.

Does the Northrock XC27 come with a warranty?

Yes, the Northrock XC27 comes with a warranty that covers manufacturing defects. It’s always advisable to familiarize yourself with the warranty terms and conditions provided by the manufacturer.

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